Emerging Markets

Since the 80’s in Asia and 90’s in Latin America, Quilvest has been a pioneering investor in Emerging Market Private Equity. Initially through a concentrated approach allocating substantial resources to selected teams in Asia and Latin America and over the last several years through a diversified program across several regions, Quilvest has been an active player in Emerging Markets for several decades.



  • Direct Investments (QS Companies)

    • Since our first investment in an operating company in Asia in 94, Quilvest Private Equity has made over 30 direct investments in Emerging Markets.
    • See Direct Investments in Portfolio
  • Fund Investments (QS GEO)

    • Since our first investment in an Asian private equity fund in 1985, Quilvest Private Equity has made over 40 fund investments in Emerging Markets, and currently manages a portfolio of over 30 funds.
    • Our Emerging Market program (QS GEO) aims to construct a solid exposure to the relatively deeper and more diversified markets such as Brazil, India and China, while allocating a portion of the program to more peripheral geographies, which are less competitive Private Equity markets offering attractive risk reward opportunities.
    • See Fund Investments in Portfolio