About Us


Our private equity investment philosophy is a product of a unique mix of a multi-family office focused on disciplined wealth preservation with that of a pioneering investor seeking attractive long-term absolute returns. This unique combination of wealth stewardship and opportunistic entrepreneurship translated into a second to none global private equity platform generating top quartile performance in all its family of products.

  • Principal Approach

    • Maintaining our status as the largest investor in all of our products ensures that our money is invested right alongside that of our investors. We have among the largest alignment of interest in our industry and pride ourselves on the fact that we are incented by performance, not by fees.
  • Discipline

    • Our systematic and disciplined approach is unique in our industry. Our commitment to due diligence and thorough fund-screening results in a portfolio of top quartile investments across strategies and geographies. Further, unlike more traditional private equity investors, we are not under pressure to deploy a certain amount of capital per annum. As our own capital is at risk, we maintain a strict investment discipline and would rather “under-commit” in less attractive markets than compromise for second-tier returns.
  • Innovation

    • In addition to participating in some of the first alternative investments ever made in the space of private equity (1972), hedge funds (1980) and royalties (1996), we continue to develop creative and forward-thinking strategies, such as our recent investments offering (eg. dedicated emerging markets (2007) and energies (2010) funds). We are a nimble platform that can respond to investor needs and market conditions quickly and opportunistically.
  • Access

    • As a pioneer in the alternative investment space, we have long-standing and deep relationships that create unique and valuable access points to the best fund managers in the world. We view alternative investments as long-term partnerships and have been investing in some of the world’s best fund managers since their inception.
  • Global Presence

    • With 13 offices around the world and active investments in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, our truly global team provides local insight into world markets, enabling us to find the best opportunities in each market and leverage valuable long-term local relationships on behalf of our investment partners.
  • Flexibility

    • With decades of experience working with private investors, families and institutions, each with a range of unique needs, we have created a customized account offering, enabling us to meet the specific needs of our investors. For more information on custom accounts, please contact: Marta Wypusz at mwypusz@quilvest.com.